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How does a water powered sump pump work?

May 26th, 2021 | Posted by Todd in Uncategorized

These pumps operate by taking the energy in municipal-supplied water at full pressure, run through a venturi device, positioned on the bottom of the sump pit in a basement. They connect directly to the fresh drinking water supply line of a house, or in some circumstances, homeowners connect the pump with a rubber garden hose to their kitchen faucet or laundry tub faucett. When the pump is activated, clean fresh drinking water is released into the sump pit where the pressure is used to sort of “vacuum” the water up and out of the house.  Most of these models pull up 1 gallon of waste water, for each gallon of fresh water used.  Then, both are dumped out onto the lawn or into the sewer system that already has an overflow of storm water in it.

Using a water powered sump pump is certainly not the smart way to handle stormwater.

Did you also know, in times of heavy demand when there’s a low-pressure situation, contaminated water may be sucked back into the fresh water drinking supply causing a substantial health risk!!

So why pour fresh drinking water down the sewer and possibly risk your family’s life?

There’s no need to do so.  Battery-powered backup sump pumps have been readily available for over 30 years. They’re reliable, don’t waste water and pose no health risk.

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