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We get alot of questions as to “what’s the big deal with these pumps?” So here’s a 3 main points to consider when thinking about installing a water powered sump pump. 1.  Waste of fresh water.  Depending on efficiency, lift and city water pressure, most water-powered sump pumps draw up to 600 gallons of fresh drinking water … Read more

In a letter sent to all residents every year, the city of Bloomington, Illinois, voices its concerns with the use of water powered sump pumps stating: Water powered sump pumps can use large quantities of water in a very short time Water powered sump pumps can have a profound impact on the City Services bill … Read more

The product is called a “water-powered sump pump,” some also call it a “water pump” or “water driven pump” either, way this pump it’s installed primarily as a backup sump pump to a primary electric sump pump (that’s plugged into the wall). In a heavy rain – flood situation – ground water under a house … Read more

Just read this article and wanted to pass it along. In a recent Yahoo! Real Estate survey of current and aspiring homeowners, the so-called American dream home “Isn’t a supersized McMansion – it is a ‘green,’ energy-efficient home built with ‘sustainable’ materials that yield a lower carbon footprint. Or, more often, it is a home … Read more

One of the main concerns about water-powered sump pumps, besides the un-necessary waste of fresh drinking water, is the potential health hazard they possess. Since all water-powered pumps must be connected directly to the fresh water supply of the house, they must have backflow protection. Should there be a loss of positive water pressure coming … Read more

Great article in the February issue of  “Plumbing and Mechanical” concerning water conservation.  Highlights include: Water conservation is moving from trend to mandate Water conservation efforts will move from common plumbing products (faucets, toilets, shower heads etc…) to a new range of applications that need to be addressed The plumbing professional has an important role … Read more

Water powered backup sump pumps bought in a box store often are made with cheap parts that wear out or break easily, and usually come with sub-standard backflow protection. For example, some of the water powered sump pumps are hooked up by using a garden hose. In this case the backflow device (necessary protection in … Read more

The two issue’s with water powered sump pumps are: 1.  The irresponsible waste of water 2.  The possible contamination issue that could present a health issue for families We’re happy to see towns such as Bloomington, Illinois call out water-powered sump pumps for water conservation, we’re also happy to see states such as Ohio, that … Read more

A Water Powered Sump Pump may sound like a cool idea, however the premise of using municipal water to pump out your sump pit comes with serious drawbacks: 1.  The waste of fresh drinking water. How many times have you seen a commercial about a faucet, or toilet, or dishwater and the amount of water … Read more

How much water is on earth?

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This is a great illustration from Gizmodo which really drives home the point of why water conservation is so important. Kind of scary actually. That’s why we advocate to get rid of water wasting products like water pumps or water powered sump pumps.   http://bit.ly/Lru50p